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Cataract Surgery Quality Program (CSQP)

The CSQP works to increase quality of service, support research, and develop a learning organization in the delivery of cutting-edge health service and world-class ophthalmology research.​

The CSQP is a quality-research partnership that has developed into a nascent learning organization, which includes an interregional group of leaders in quality, technology, and research. Its core mission is to build stakeholder engagement, clinical governance structures, an agenda for performance improvement and research, and performance measurement and reporting systems. The group is working to enhance the overall culture of safety and quality. The CSQP works to disseminate best practices, learnings, tools and workflows; we strive for implementation and knowledge utilization.


Members of CSQP include:


William Chang, MD


Greg Gayre, MD|3||Offices%20and%20Directions|/ncal/provider/ggayre/offices


Lisa J. Herrinton, PhD


J Perry Kruger, MD


Ron Melles, MD


Stephen Munz, MD!ut/p/a0/FcdBCoAgEAXQs3gA-QYG0q5TlO4GDRMaFZHC21dv9-Cww2W6U6SeSqbru-UhQ_G9tCWMTJw8Nji4FGC1npUy09_aKDLB5iI9-fNAZTbPKsQL0Bt0JA!!/


Poorab Sangani, MD


Lee Shelonka, MD!ut/p/a0/FchBCoAgEAXQs3QA-VFB0q5TlO6GMVJqVCyCbl8u34PFChvpCTvdIUU6fxt5lUt8pzK5N5IExgILGxxMq_tRD11lLrQLwcSkmNhv9Y58bVTYwyCL6F7m5gMxNUIQ/


Neal Shorstein, MD​