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Kaiser Permanente Cataract and CME Registry

​​​The Cataract and Cystoid Macular Edema (CME) Registry — Kaiser Permanente's groundbreaking cataract surgery research program — was founded in 2007 with funding by the National Eye Institute. With tens of thousands of patients, the Registry represents one of the most comprehensive Cataract and CME databases in the world. This database enables our research team, led by principal investigator Lisa Herrinton, PhD, to conduct extensive studies on the risk factors related to eye health and cataract surgery.

Dr. Herrinton received the KPIT Innovation Fund Award for Development and Implementation of Specialty Registries in 2013.     

Research Team​

Lisa J. Herrinton, PhD
Epidemiologist and Research Scientist
Director, IBD Program at the Division of Research
Kaiser Permanente Division of Research​

Neal H Shor​stein, MD


Associate Chief of Quality

Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek



Liyan Liu, MS
Senior Data Analyst

Kaiser Permanente Division of Research

Laura B. Amsden, MSW MPH

Senior Research Project Manager

Kaiser Permanente Division of Research


Marion Leon

Research Assistant


William Chang, MD



Greg Gayre, MD



J Perry Kruger, MD



Ron Melles, MD




Stephen Munz, MD



Poorab,Sangani, MD



Lee Schelonka, MD



Contact us

For more information about the cataract surgery research and activities, please contact Laura B. Amsden, MSW, MPH, at