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DOR IT Support and Home Networking

As we have settled into our routine working from home, we have received inquiries about home equipment and problems at home.  Please note that DOR IT does not provide support for home personal equipment including home networking equipment. 

However, due to the situation we are in, we want to provide some FAQs to help you manage some common issues you may experience at home.  Below are suggestions you can try, but please note that DOR and KP are not responsible for home equipment.

Q – Should I do something that someone suggested to my KP computer to address a problem?
A – No.  Please do not allow non-KP support staff to make changes to your KP computer.  Contact DOR IT for support of your KP computer.

Q – Can I connect my computer to my TV?
A – Yes.  You may require an adaptor, but you can use the HDMI port on your laptop to connect to your TV or an adaptor.

Q – My internet seems slow, what can I do?
A – There are several things to try:

  1. If your wireless router is 3 plus years old, you can replace it with a newer wireless router as wireless technology has changed over the years.  Contact your Internet provider for an upgrade.   This is especially true if you recently upgraded your Internet speed and didn't get a new router. 
  2. Open your browser and search for an “Internet speed test” to test your Internet speed.  Run the test a couple of times and see if you are getting what you are paying for.
  3. You can call your Internet service provider and they can run a test for you.
  4. Power cycle your router per instructions on your router or provided by your ISP.
  5. Upgrade your Internet connection to fiber.
  6. Connect your laptop directly to your router and run a speed test via a network cable.  This will help determine if you have an Internet service provider issue or your wifi Is having issues.
  7. Move the location of your wireless router.

Q – Should I use 2Ghz or 5Ghz at home?
A – 2Ghz is for getting a longer range and being able to penetrate walls in a home.  5Ghz is good for when you have a lot of devices including home wireless devices like Alexa, Web Cameras, etc.  5Ghz allows for less interference between devices.

Q – Can I connect to my spouse’s/partner’s docking station since they use HP also?
A – Yes.

Q - Can I swap parts like power cables with other people's laptops if mine breaks?
A - No.  Do not use parts from other manufacturers.

Q – Can I use a wireless video adaptor to connect to a monitor/tv?
A – Yes.

Q - Can I use my spouse/partner/room mate's docking station if it is an HP docking station.
A - Yes, if the docking station is the same model as yours.

Thank you,

Richard Navarro
Sr. IT Director

Survey Regarding Remote Access Equipment (survey ended)

Update 3/17/2020: The survey has ended. Please contact the Service Desk if you need assistance.

Please note:  You do not need equipment if you only want to be able to access your Office 365 resources.  Applications such email, Teams, One Drive and Sharepoint can be accessed by your personal devices.  You simply need to request the access.  Please see previous messages for instructions on how to do so.

Richard Navarro
Sr. IT Director

Remote Access Requests and Information

What is Required?

If you need to work remotely, you must have the items listed below:

  1. Remote Access applications GlobalProtect and PingID
    1. GlobalProtect is installed on all KP laptops (no action required). 
    2. PingID must be installed on your KP iPhone, KP iPad or personal phone by you per these Set Up Instructions.
  2. A KP issued laptop/desktop is required.  You may NOT use a personal laptop/desktop.
  3. PingID can be used on your KP issued phone or yourpersonal phone to access Outlook Mail through the Office Web Portal
  4. Permission from your manager is required to work remotely

NOTE:  A survey will be distributed for those that will be requesting computers for working remote that do not have one.

Manager Action Required:

  1. If your Regular FTE requires a Remote Access Services (RAS) account, use KPIM to submit your request
    • If you are requesting on someone else’s behalf, their KPIM listed manager will receive a KPIM email to Approve.  The request will not be processed until that approval is received.
    • Follow the instructions on the attached document to submit the request in KPIM.
    • The attached document includes a sample email that will be sent to the employee once RAS is approved.
  2. If your Contractor requires a RAS account set up, submit a request through our DOR Online Service Desk
    • Manager approval is required
    • Complete the required form online
    • The request will be routed and you will be contacted once completed.
    • Allow time for hard token delivery (if required) @3-5 days.

Other information:

  • Visit this helpful KP site to determine Where to Save My Files
  • Submit an Online Service Deskticket and include your manager’s approval to request a remote device
  • A survey will be sent to you soon if you require a mobile device to work remotely. Prior approval from your manger is required for remote device requests.  Discuss with your manager your options according to risk based on CDC guidelines and DOR policy.

Tips for Working Remotely

Remote Access to Outlook Mail and O365 Applications

Use to access your Outlook Mail and other O365 applications, including KP OneDrive using your KP mobile device. To make your remote access to files easier, have them available in OneDrive.

NOTE: before you can access O365 from outside the Kaiser Permanente network on your KP-issued device, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your identity using PingID. You will also be required to obtain permission to access Office 365 outside of the KP network. Please see below for instructions.

GlobalProtect and PingID

Make sure you are set up with PingID. All DOR mobile devices are provisioned with GlobalProtect installed. Read here for more details about these VPN applications.

If you need to submit a request for a new remote access account, complete the required form in the OnlineServiceDesk.

Some contractors are still using Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Confirm access and token status is active in KPIM.

  • Work with or KP IT National for any account issues.
  • PingID is required to access most KP websites

Remote Access Network Capacity

There is no concern of the remote network traffic becoming overloaded and impeding performance. KP IT is constantly monitoring the traffic and expect increased capacity will be handled without issue.

Q & A

  • Are there laptops available?
    • DOR IT has a very limited supply of laptops. Priority deployments for current Onboarding of staff that will be remote only. The KP Refresh and Asset teams have been given a directive to provide supply for KP staff that are directly involved with COVID-19 patient processing. We may be asked to provide any extra hardware for this support.
  • How quickly can I get a laptop?
    • For stock available onsite, configuration will be standard applications and available within 24hrs.
    • For stock transfer request from another facility, this may take up to three days or longer.
  • Can I use my personal computer to access the corporate network?
    • Personal devices are not authorized for network access.
  • What files can be stored on OneDrive?
    • OneDrive is approved for all file content, including PHI.
  • Can I get to Onelink Remotely?
    • Onelink can be access remotely via a VPN connection with your KP credentials.
  • Can I access O365 externally without VPN?
    • PingID is required for access to Outlook mail and O365 applications. You can request External O365 Access through KPIM:
       Manage My Access > Request Access > Search Access for “External Access O365” > Add
      External Access
       Enter/Edit Information:
      Manage Access
       Save. Your request will be routed to your manager (stated in KPIM) for approval. External O365 access will be provisioned within 4 hours of the approved request.
  • Please note that before you can access O365 from outside the Kaiser Permanente network on your KP-issued device, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your identity using PingID.
  • If you need to access your KP email from a non KP-issued device, you can only do that through, not through the mail application on your device or through the Outlook app. You also won't be able to download attachments to non KP-issued devices (i.e., your personal mobile phone).
  • If you have already registered your device with PingID, no further action is required. If you have not registered with PingID or need to make changes to your PingID device, you can register or manage your device through the Multifactor Authentication (PingID) Help Page. (You must be on the KP network or on VPN to access this site.)