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Health Services Research and Delivery Science


We generate and disseminate scientific evidence to advance the organization, financing, management, and delivery of health care.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Helping patients, providers and health systems make informed decisions about health care. Investigators working in this field frequently engage those most affected by the research (e.g., patients, clinicians) in all aspects of the research, from the development of the research question through to the interpretation and dissemination of research findings.

Health and Health Care Disparities: Advancing equitable healthcare and reducing health disparities among vulnerable populations. This work moves beyond the identification of disparities to understanding the modifiable determinants of inequitable care outcomes and evaluating current and testing new health-system and policy-level strategies for reducing their impact.

Pharmacoepidemiology: Enhancing methods for studying acceptance and barriers to utilization, adherence, effectiveness, and adverse effects of medications. Access to a rich integrated data system allows investigators to explore stages of medication adherence, and short and long-term treatment effects, including heterogeneity of treatment outcomes.

Hospital Systems Research: Leveraging systems-level variation in diverse hospital settings to inform decision-making about inpatient quality of care, outcomes, clinical decision support, and end-of-life care.

Complex Patients: Addressing the needs of patients with multiple comorbidities and the aged. Research in this area seeks to understand the needs of patients with complex medical conditions and to inform innovative delivery systems that meet their needs. ​

Guidelines Development: Identifying ways to optimize and manage patient outcomes, assess risks, and predict the likelihood of a poor outcome.