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Autism Research Program

Community Advisory Board

The Autism Research Program (ARP) Community Advisory Board (CAB) plays a key role in ARP research. It provides a community perspective for ARP research programs and its members serve as communications liaisons, ambassadors, and educators.

CAB members work with ARP staff to support the research program. They provide input on study designs, study participation and the dissemination of study results based on the concerns of the communities they represent. They also actively participate in recruitment and communication efforts by presenting ARP information and materials to their own constituencies and by conducting outreach with ARP staff at community events.

CAB members are diverse both in their expertise and in the constituencies they represent. Their knowledge and expertise cover a wide range, from child health, child development, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in children and adults, developmental disabilities in children and adults, health care delivery, systems of care for children and adults with special needs, health science research, education, and community engagement to communications, media, and entertainment.

They are parents of children with ASD or other developmental disorders; adult self-advocates; healthcare providers specializing in pediatrics, women’s health, psychiatry, rehabilitation services, genetics; researchers; service providers for children or adults with ASD; teachers/educators, and advocates for children or adults with special needs.

Nine members are parents of affected children, toddlers to adults. In addition, four parents represent advocacy organizations in various locations of the Bay Area. This diversity and leadership ensures that ARP research addresses the needs and concerns of community members affected by autism spectrum disorders.


Tracey Bullock, parent
Matt Carey, parent, advocate
Mio Flores, parent
Joanne Jaeger, community organization leader, parent
Danielle Magruder, provider, parent
George Mutch, provider
Dorothy Quan, provider; parent
Arona Ragins, researcher, parent
Scott Rich, self-advocate
Jane Schoenfeld, parent
Steve Sidney, researcher; parent
Rosa Valledor, community organization leader; parent