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Autism Research Program


​​ The EARLI Study The Director's Corner

4/12/2012 Dr. Croen talks about recent news on autism prevalence rates.

Parents' Voices: Pamela Parents' Voices: Pamela

A Latino mother of a daughter with autism encourages other Latino parents to get involved in research so they can help scientists better understand the prevalence of ASD in the Hispanic community.

Voces de Padres: Pamela (en español) Voces de Padres: Pamela (en español)

Una madre latina que tiene una niña con autismo anima a otros padres latinos a participar en estudios para ayudar a los científicos a entender mejor el impacto de los Trastornos del Espectro Autista (TEA) en la comunidad Hispana.

Parents' Voices: Vanessa Parents' Voices: Vanessa

A mother of four children on the autism spectrum explains how being in research studies gives parents vital information and an opportunity to be connected to other parents.​​