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Clinical Trials Program


About Us

​​​The Clinical Trials Program (CTP), under the direction of Alan Go, MD, is a regional entity that provides consultation and comprehensive operational support for clinical trial and clinical research projects conducted by clinician investigators within Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

By creating a centralized operations infrastructure, the CTP has developed a platform to continue growing a quality focused clinical trial and clinical research program for Kaiser Permanente’s robust and growing research community.

The CTP is able to achieve this by:

  • Recruiting and supporting dedicated research investigators and study staff
  • Leveraging the research capacity of the organization
  • Ensuring operational support, resources and tools are available
  • Finding solutions to research operational issues
  • Supporting study teams and staff in planning for and conducting research studies
  • Collaborating with the Division of Research Biostatistical Consulting Unit (BSCU) and other research support entities within Kaiser Permanente
  • Increasing the information available to researchers and study staff on research methods
  • Developing and implementing new technologies and applications to optimize study success
  • Navigating and enhancing internal and external research collaborations

More specifically, the CTP provides guidance on the following:

  • Optimizing study design
  • Evaluating project feasibility
  • Budget development and negotiation with sponsors
  • Staff planning and resourcing
  • Project implementation
  • Quality monitoring and improvement
  • Collaborative opportunities (both internal and external collaborations)

If you are a Kaiser Permanente clinician in Northern California and would like to initiate a research project or request research support or consultation from the CTP, please submit a request via the Research Collaboration Portal (RCP)