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Physician and Scientist Training


Physician Researcher Program

The Physician Researcher Program supports a selected group of TPMG clinicians to conduct research that transforms how care is delivered, while they also continue to make clinical contributions. The six physicians in the inaugural class, which started in 2017, are devoting 20 to 40 percent of their time to research projects designed to produce new knowledge that has direct impact on high-priority issues in clinical care. The physician researchers will disseminate and implement the relevant learnings across Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

Delivery Science Fellowship Program

The Delivery Science Fellowship program trains post-doctoral MD and PhD fellows to pursue successful research careers in delivery science, with the long-term goals of:

  • Addressing critical health care delivery problems in priority areas such as complex patients, health disparities, and evidence-based care;
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers to effective health care to improve clinical quality, outcomes and cost; and;
  • Effectively applying health information technology, clinical informatics and data science.

Details and instructions on how to apply are found here.