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A comprehensive, longitudinal description of the in-hospital and post-discharge clinical, laboratory, and neurohormonal course of patients with heart failure who die or are re-hospitalized within 90 days: analysis from the EVEREST trial.

Hospitalization for worsening chronic heart failure results in high post-discharge mortality, morbidity, and cost. However, thorough characterization, soon after discharge of patients with early post-discharge events has not been previously performed. The objectives of this study were to describe the baseline, in-hospital, and post-discharge clinical, laboratory, and neurohormonal profiles of patients hospitalized for worsening heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (EF) who die or are re-admitted for cardiovascular (CV) causes within 90 days of initial hospitalization. Retrospective analysis of 4,133 patients hospitalized for worsening heart failure with EF ≤40% in the Efficacy of Vasopressin Antagonism in Heart Failure: Outcome Study with Tolvaptan (EVEREST) trial, which randomized patients to tolvaptan or placebo, both in addition to standard therapy. Clinical and laboratory parameters were obtained within 48 h of admission, during hospitalization, and post-discharge weeks 1, 4, 8, and every 8 weeks thereafter for a median of 9.9 months. Patients with events within 90 days were compared with those with later/no events. All-cause mortality (ACM) and CV re-hospitalization were independently adjudicated. Within 90 days of admission, 395 patients (9.6%) died and 801 patients (19.4%) were re-hospitalized for CV causes. Significant baseline and longitudinal differences were seen between groups with early versus later (>90 days) or no events at 12 months post-randomization. Post-discharge outcomes were similar in the tolvaptan and placebo groups. Patients with early post-discharge events experienced clinically significant worsening in signs and symptoms, laboratory values, and neurohormonal parameters soon after discharge. Identifying these abnormalities may facilitate efforts to reduce post-discharge mortality and re-hospitalization.

Authors: Gheorghiade, Mihai M; Pang, Peter S PS; Ambrosy, Andrew P AP; Lan, Gloria G; Schmidt, Philip P; Filippatos, Gerasimos G; Konstam, Marvin M; Swedberg, Karl K; Cook, Thomas T; Traver, Brian B; Maggioni, Aldo A; Burnett, John J; Grinfeld, Liliana L; Udelson, James J; Zannad, Faiez F

Heart failure reviews. 2012 May 01;17(3):485-509. Epub 2012-06-04.

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