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A descriptive pilot study of structural and functional social network ties among women in the women’s health initiative (WHI) study

Few studies examine the network structure and function of older women’s health discussion networks. We sought to assess the feasibility and acceptability of collecting social network data via telephone from 72 women from the Women’s Health Initiative study and to describe structural and functional characteristics. Women were socially connected and had dense networks. Women were emotionally close to network members, but their networks were not used to facilitate communication with health-care providers. One-third of network members was not influential on health-related decision-making. Collecting social network data via telephone is feasible and an acceptable, though un-preferred, mode of data collection.

Authors: Cené CW; Frerichs L; Evans JK; Kroenke CH; Dilworth-Anderson P; Corbie-Smith G; Snively B; Naughton MJ; Shumaker S

J Women Aging. 2021 Jan-Feb;33(1):1-29. Epub 2019-06-09.

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