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Alcohol consumption, medical conditions, and health behavior in older adults

OBJECTIVES: To examine associations between drinking patterns, medical conditions, and behavioral health risks among older adults. METHODS: Analyses compared survey participants (health plan members ages 65 to 90, N = 6662) who drank moderately to those who drank over recommended limits or did not drink. RESULTS: Overlimit drinking was associated with smoking; not trying to eat low-fat foods (in men), and lower BMI (in women). Predictors of not drinking during the prior 12 months included ethnicity, lower education, worse self-reported health, diabetes and heart problems. CONCLUSIONS: Significant relationships exist between health and alcohol consumption patterns, which vary by gender.

Authors: Satre DD; Gordon NP; Weisner C

Am J Health Behav. 2007 May-Jun;31(3):238-48.

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