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Analysis of late risk of systemic blood pressures <120/80 mm Hg

We studied categories of blood pressure (BP) <120/80 mm Hg as predictors of hypertension 10 to 22 years later by logistic regression analyses with 6 covariates. There was progressively increased risk for subjects with systolic BP 100 to 109 and 110 to 119 mm Hg (vs <100 mm Hg) or diastolic BP 70 to 74 and 75 to 79 mm Hg (vs <70 mm Hg). These relations were similar in men, women, and several ethnic groups but stronger in subjects <40 years old. These data suggest a definition of optimal BP of <100/70 mm Hg, similar to usual BP levels in children <10 years old.

Authors: Ananthakrishnan S; Klatsky AL; Udaltsova N; Iribarren C; Guidry U

Am J Cardiol. 2004 Dec 15;94(12):1575-6.

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