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Associations between combined exposure to environmental hazards and social stressors at the neighborhood level and individual perinatal outcomes in the ECHO-wide cohort

Limited studies examine how prenatal environmental and social exposures jointly impact perinatal health. Here we investigated relationships between a neighborhood-level combined exposure (CE) index assessed during pregnancy and perinatal outcomes, including birthweight, gestational age, and preterm birth. Across all participants, higher CE index scores were associated with small decreases in birthweight and gestational age. We also observed effect modification by race; infants born to Black pregnant people had a greater risk of preterm birth for higher CE values compared to White infants. Overall, our results suggest that neighborhood social and environmental exposures have a small but measurable joint effect on neonatal indicators of health.

Authors: Martenies, Sheena E; Croen, Lisa A; program collaborators for Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes,; et al.

Health Place. 2022 07;76:102858. Epub 2022-07-21.

PubMed abstract

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