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Clinical epidemiology and risk factors for critical outcomes among vaccinated and unvaccinated adults hospitalized with COVID-19-VISION Network, 10 States, June 2021-March 2023

The epidemiology of COVID-19 continues to develop with emerging variants, expanding population-level immunity, and advances in clinical care. We describe changes in the clinical epidemiology of hospitalized COVID-19 and risk factors for critical outcomes over time. We included adults aged ≥18 years from 10 states hospitalized with COVID-19 June 2021-March 2023 when multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants or sub-lineages predominated. We evaluated changes in baseline demographic and clinical characteristics and critical outcomes (intensive care unit admission and/or death) and used regression models to evaluate critical outcomes risk factors (risk ratios) stratified by COVID-19 vaccination status. 60,488 COVID-19-associated hospitalizations were included in the analysis. Among those hospitalized, from Delta period (June-December 2021) to the Omicron post-BA.4/BA.5 period (September 2022-March 2023), median age increased from 60 to 75 years, proportion vaccinated increased from 18.2% to 70.1%, while critical outcomes declined from 24.8% to 19.4% (all p < 0.001). Compared to all hospitalization events, those with critical outcomes had a higher proportion of four or more categories of medical conditions categories assessed (32.8% critical versus 23.0% all hospitalized). Critical outcome risk factors were similar for unvaccinated and vaccinated populations; presence of ≥4 medical condition categories was most strongly associated with risk of critical outcomes regardless of vaccine status (unvaccinated aRR 2.27 [95% CI: 2.14-2.41]; vaccinated aRR 1.73 [95% CI: 1.56-1.92]) across periods. The proportion of adults hospitalized with COVID-19 who experienced critical outcomes decreased with time and median patient age increased with time. Multimorbidity was mostly strongly associated with critical outcomes.

Authors: Griggs, Eric P;McEvoy, Charlene;Konatham, Deepika;Hansen, John;Tenforde, Mark W;et al.

Clin Infect Dis. 2023 Aug 26.

PubMed abstract

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