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Current Emergency Department Disposition of Patients With Acute Heart Failure: An Opportunity for Improvement

Emergency department (ED) providers play a critical role in the stabilization and diagnostic evaluation of patients presenting with acute heart failure (AHF), and EDs are key areas for establishing current best practices and future considerations for the disposition of and decision making for patients with AHF. These elements include accurate risk assessment; response to initial treatment and shared decision making concerning optimal venue of care; reframing of physicians’ risk perceptions for patients presenting with AHF; exploration of alternative venues of care beyond hospitalization; population-level changes in demographics, management and outcomes of HF patients; development and testing of data-driven pathways to assist with disposition decisions in the ED; and suggested outcomes for measuring success.

Authors: Sax, Dana R; Mark, Dustin G; Rana, Jamal S; Reed, Mary E; Lindenfeld, Joann; Stevenson, Lynne W; Storrow, Alan B; Butler, Javed; Pang, Peter S; Collins, Sean P

J Card Fail. 2022 10;28(10):1545-1559. Epub 2022-05-29.

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