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Evidence-based care for depression in Maine: dissemination of the Kaiser Permanente Nurse Telecare Program

This paper describes the program model, implementation and preliminary results from a dissemination of a nurse case management program for treating depression in primary care. The program design was modeled after the Kaiser Permanente Nurse TeleCare program, which in a randomized clinical trial had previously demonstrated significant improvement in depression outcomes and patient satisfaction over usual care. As illustrated in this pilot by patient outcomes measured using the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, the SF-12 Mental Health Composite Score, and the Work Role, Household and Leisure Time Functioning, the authors believe that it is possible to implement successful interventions in smaller primary care practices in community-based settings.

Authors: Pearson B; Katz SE; Soucie V; Hunkeler E; Meresman J; Rooney T; Amick BC 3rd

Psychiatr Q. 2003 Spring;74(1):91-102.

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