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Expanded algorithm for managing patients with acute decompensated heart failure.

Heart failure is a complex disease process, the manifestation of various cardiac and noncardiac abnormalities. General treatment approaches for heart failure have remained the same over the past decades despite the advent of novel therapies and monitoring modalities. In the same vein, the readmission rates for heart failure patients remain high and portend a poor prognosis for morbidity and mortality. In this context, development and implementation of improved algorithms for assessing and treating HF patients during hospitalization remains an unmet need. We propose an expanded algorithm for both monitoring and treating patients admitted for acute decompensated heart failure with the goal to improve post-discharge outcomes and decrease rates of rehospitalizations.

Authors: Njoroge, Joyce N JN; Cheema, Baljash B; Ambrosy, Andrew P AP; Greene, Stephen J SJ; Collins, Sean P SP; Vaduganathan, Muthiah M; Mebazaa, Alexandre A; Chioncel, Ovidiu O; Butler, Javed J; Gheorghiade, Mihai M

Heart failure reviews. 2018 Jul 15;23(4):597-607. Epub 2018-01-10.

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