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Gender differences in seven-year alcohol and drug treatment outcomes among older adults

This study examined participants at seven-year follow-up to assess long-term outcomes of older women (n = 25) and men (n = 59) ages 55 and over in an outpatient addiction program. It measured demographic characteristics, alcohol and drug use, psychiatric symptoms, Addiction Severity Index, treatment length, and outcomes. At seven years, 76.0% of women reported abstinence in the prior 30 days versus 54.2% of men, p = .05. Logistic regression analysis found that longer treatment stay predicted abstinence. Findings indicate that older women have better long-term addiction outcome than older men, but treatment length is more significant than gender in predicting outcome.

Authors: Satre DD; Blow FC; Chi FW; Weisner C

Am J Addict. 2007 May-Jun;16(3):216-21.

PubMed abstract

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