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Heart Failure Clinical Trials in East and Southeast Asia: Understanding the Importance and Defining the Next Steps.

Heart failure (HF) is a major and increasing global public health problem. In Asia, aging populations and recent increases in cardiovascular risk factors have contributed to a particularly high burden of HF, with outcomes that are poorer than those in the rest of the world. Representation of Asians in landmark HF trials has been variable. In addition, HF patients from Asia demonstrate clinical differences from patients in other geographic regions. Thus, the generalizability of some clinical trial results to the Asian population remains uncertain. In this article, we review differences in HF phenotype, HF management, and outcomes in patients from East and Southeast Asia. We describe lessons learned in Asia from recent HF registries and clinical trial databases and outline strategies to improve the potential for success in future trials. This review is based on discussions among scientists, clinical trialists, industry representatives, and regulatory representatives at the CardioVascular Clinical Trialist Asia Forum in Singapore on July 4, 2014.

Authors: Mentz, Robert J RJ; Roessig, Lothar L; Greenberg, Barry H BH; Sato, Naoki N; Shinagawa, Kaori K; Yeo, Daniel D; Kwok, Bernard W K BW; Reyes, Eugenio B EB; Krum, Henry H; Pieske, Burkert B; Greene, Stephen J SJ; Ambrosy, Andrew P AP; Kelly, Jacob P JP; Zannad, Faiez F; Pitt, Bertram B; Lam, Carolyn S P CS

JACC. Heart failure. 2016 06 01;4(6):419-27. Epub 2016-10-17.

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