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How do Swiss general practitioners agree with and report adhering to a top-five list of unnecessary tests and treatments? Results of a cross-sectional survey

In 2014, the ‘Smarter Medicine’ campaign released a top five list of unnecessary tests and treatments in Swiss primary care, such as imaging for acute low-back pain and long-term prescribing of proton pump inhibitors. Measure general practitioners’ (GPs) agreement with the recommendations and self-reported adherence. Cross-sectional, online survey of GPs in the ‘Swiss primary care active monitoring’ (SPAM) network, which assessed awareness of ‘Smarter Medicine’ and views on each recommendation. Questions included whether the clinical situation is common, whether the recommendation is followed, whether GPs agree with the recommendation and reasons why the recommendation would not be followed. One-hundred-and-sixty-seven of 277 GPs from the SPAM network participated (60%), of which 104 (62%) knew of ‘Smarter Medicine’, including 79% in German areas, 49% in French areas and 38% in Italian areas (P?

Authors: Selby K; Cornuz J; Cohidon C; Gaspoz JM; Senn N

Eur J Gen Pract. 2017 Nov 23:1-7.

PubMed abstract

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