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Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure: A Scientific Statement from the Heart Failure Society of America

Iron deficiency is present in approximately 50% of patients with symptomatic heart failure and is independently associated with worse functional capacity, lower quality of, life and increased mortality. The purpose of this document is to summarize current knowledge of how iron deficiency is defined in heart failure and its epidemiology and pathophysiology, as well as pharmacological considerations for repletion strategies. This document also summarizes the rapidly expanding array of clinical trial evidence informing when, how, and in whom to consider iron repletion.

Authors: Beavers, Craig J;Ambrosy, Andrew P;Butler, Javed;Davidson, Beth T;Gale, Stormi E;Piña, Ileana L;Mastoris, Ioannis;Reza, Nosheen;Mentz, Robert J;Lewis, Gregory D

J Card Fail. 2023 Jul;29(7):1059-1077. Epub 2023-05-01.

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