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Lot-to-lot consistency, safety and immunogenicity of 3 lots of Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine: results from a phase III randomized, multicenter study in infants

Vaccination against Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) is included in routine pediatric immunization schedule in the United States. Previous vaccine shortages have created the need for additional options for Hib vaccination. This phase III, randomized, multi-centered study (NCT01000974) evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of a monovalent tetanus toxoid-conjugate Hib vaccine (Hib-TT) compared to a monovalent (Hib-TT control) and a combination Hib-TT vaccine. We hierarchically assessed lot-to-lot consistency of 3 Hib-TT lots and non-inferiority of Hib-TT to Hib-TT control. We co-administered routine pediatric vaccines with Hib-TT vaccines at 2, 4, 6months (primary vaccination) and 15-18months of age (booster vaccination). We recorded adverse events (AEs) for 4 (solicited) and 31days (unsolicited) post-vaccination and serious AEs (SAEs) throughout the study. Of 4009 enrolled children, 3086 completed booster phase. Lot-to-lot consistency was not demonstrated. The study met statistical criteria for non-inferiority of Hib-TT to Hib-TT control in terms of immune responses to Hib and co-administered vaccines’ antigens, but not in terms of participants achieving post-primary vaccination anti-PRP levels ≥1µg/mL. Because of the hierarchical nature of the objectives, non-inferiority could not be established. In all groups, 92.5-96.7% and 99.6-100% of participants achieved anti-PRP levels ≥0.15µg/mL, while 78.3-89.8% and 97.9-99.1% had anti-PRP levels ≥1µg/mL, post-primary and post-booster vaccination, respectively. Immune responses to co-administered vaccines and reported incidence of AEs were comparable among groups. We recorded SAEs for 107/2963 (3.6%), 24/520 (4.6%), and 21/520 (4.0%) children post-primary vaccination, and 29/2337 (1.2%), 4/435 (0.9%), and 2/400 (0.5%) children post-booster vaccination with Hib-TT, Hib-TT control and combination Hib-TT vaccine, respectively; 6/5330 (0.1%) SAEs in the Hib-TT groups were considered vaccine-related. Hib-TT induced seroprotective antibody concentrations in the majority of participants and was well-tolerated when co-administered with routine pediatric vaccines according to a 3+1 schedule.

Authors: Klein NP; Roy-Ghanta S; et al.

Vaccine. 2017 06 16;35(28):3564-3574. Epub 2017-05-20.

PubMed abstract

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