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Norplant implants and cardiovascular disease

A 1995 publication on serious adverse events in users of Norplant implants submitted to the Food and Drug Administration’s MedWatch Spontaneous Reporting System reported 14 hospitalizations for stroke in Norplant users. This number was higher than expected. This is a report on the association of current use of Norplant implants with stroke and myocardial infarction (MI) based on a pooled analysis of data from two population-based, case-control studies conducted in the US. All data collection for these two studies occurred after approval of Norplant implants for marketing in the US in December 1990. The methods of the individual studies are detailed in prior publications.

Authors: Petitti DB; Siscovick DS; Sidney S; Schwartz SM; Quesenberry CP; Psaty BM; Raghunathan TE; Koepsell TD; Longstreth WT Jr

Contraception. 1998 May;57(5):361-2.

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