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Personalized medicine in Type 2 diabetes: what does the future hold?

The management of patients with Type 2 diabetes is based on a remarkably robust evidence base. Large clinical trials and lengthy observational cohort studies have clearly established the importance of glycemic, blood pressure and lipid level control. Indeed, most elements of guideline-based diabetes care can be supported by clinical research evidence. While such studies are critical for establishing treatment recommendations, the evidence derived from clinical trial participants applies to populations of patients rather than to the individual sitting before the clinician. An important next step in diabetes care would be to develop and implement a framework for personalizing care. In this article, we highlight the major reasons for personalization and discuss what the future of personalized diabetes care may hold.

Authors: Grant RW; Wexler DJ

Diabetes Manag (Lond). 2012 May;2(3):199-204.

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