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Risk of severe clinical outcomes among persons with SARS-CoV-2 infection with differing levels of vaccination during widespread Omicron (B.1.1.529) and Delta (B.1.617.2) variant circulation in Northern California: A retrospective cohort study

The incidence of and risk factors for severe clinical outcomes with the Omicron (B.1.1.529) SARS-CoV-2 variant have not been well-defined. We conducted a retrospective cohort study to assess risks of severe clinical outcomes within 21 days after SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis in a large, diverse, integrated health system. Among 118,078 persons with incident SARS-CoV-2 infection, 48,101 (41%) were during the Omicron period and 69,977 (59%) during the Delta (B.1.617.2) period. Cumulative incidence of any hospitalization (2.4% versus 7.8%; adjusted hazard ratio [aHR] 0.55; 95% confidence interval [CI] (0.51-0.59), with low-flow oxygen support (1.6% versus 6.4%; aHR 0.46; CI 0.43-0.50), with high-flow oxygen support (0.6% versus 2.8%; aHR 0.47; CI 0.41-0.54), with invasive mechanical ventilation (0.1% versus 0.7%; aHR 0.43; CI 0.33-0.56), and death (0.2% versus 0.7%; aHR 0.54; CI 0.42-0.70) were lower in the Omicron than the Delta period. The risk of hospitalization was higher among unvaccinated persons (aHR 8.34; CI 7.25-9.60) and those who completed a primary COVID-19 vaccination series (aHR 1.72; CI 1.49-1.97) compared with those who completed a primary vaccination series and an additional dose. The strongest risk factors for all severe clinical outcomes were older age, higher body mass index and select comorbidities. Persons with SARS-CoV-2 infection were significantly less likely to develop severe clinical outcomes during the Omicron period compared with the Delta period. COVID-19 primary vaccination and additional doses were associated with reduced risk of severe clinical outcomes among those with SARS-CoV-2 infection. National Cancer Institute and The Permanente Medical Group.

Authors: Skarbinski, Jacek; Wood, Mariah S; Chervo, Tyler C; Schapiro, Jeffrey M; Elkin, Eric P; Valice, Emily; Amsden, Laura B; Hsiao, Crystal; Quesenberry, Charles; Corley, Douglas A; Kushi, Lawrence H

Lancet Reg Health Am. 2022 Jun 16:100297.

PubMed abstract

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