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SARS-CoV-2 Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Cancer in a Large Integrated Health Care System in Northern California

The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to affect many lives globally. Patients with cancer undergoing potentially immunosuppressive therapies appear to be at particular risk for the disease and its complications. Here, we describe the experience of patients with cancer within Kaiser Permanente, a large, integrated health system in Northern California. Between February 25, 2020, and June 8, 2020, 4,627 patients were diagnosed with COVID-19, of whom 33 had active cancer treatment within 180 days and 214 had a history of cancer. Patients with active cancer treatment had a statistically higher risk of requiring noninvasive ventilation (odds ratio [OR], 2.57; confidence interval [CI], 1.10-6.01), and there was a nonsignificant trend toward higher risk of death (OR, 2.78; CI, 0.92-8.43). Those with a history of cancer had comparable outcomes to those without cancer. These data demonstrate an increased risk of complications from COVID-19 for patients with active cancer treatment.

Authors: Anantharaman, Archana; Dusendang, Jennifer R; Schmittdiel, Julie A; Harzstark, Andrea L

Oncologist. 2021 03;26(3):e500-e504. Epub 2020-12-03.

PubMed abstract

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