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Self-reported tattoo prevalence and motivations in transgender adults: a cross-sectional survey

To assess the prevalence and motivations for obtaining tattoos among transgender persons. A survey of 696 transgender persons recruited from the Study of Transition, Outcomes, and Gender (STRONG) cohort evaluated the prevalence of tattoos and motivations for acquiring tattoos. Transmasculine persons were more likely than transfeminine persons to have tattoos (66.5% versus 24.0%, P<0.05). Most commonly reported motivators were personal preference, aesthetics, and/or symbolism (61.8%). Scar coverage and replacement of anatomic features accounted for 10.2% of responses. Future studies should look into the relationship between tattoos and health status in the transgender population.

Authors: Ragmanauskaite, Laura; Kim, Jin; Zhang, Qi; Luk, Kevin M; Getahun, Darios; Silverberg, Michael J; Goodman, Michael; Yeung, Howa

Dermatol Online J. 2020 Dec 15;26(12). Epub 2020-12-15.

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