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Separating Algorithms from Questions and Causal Inference with Unmeasured Exposures: An Application to Birth Cohort Studies of Early BMI Rebound

Observational studies reporting on adjusted associations between childhood body mass index (BMI; weight (kg)/height (m)2) rebound and subsequent cardiometabolic outcomes have often not paid explicit attention to causal inference, including definition of a target causal effect and assumptions for unbiased estimation of that effect. Using data from 649 children in a Boston, Massachusetts-area cohort recruited in 1999-2002, we considered effects of stochastic interventions on a chosen subset of modifiable yet unmeasured exposures expected to be associated with early (

Authors: Aris, Izzuddin M; Sarvet, Aaron L; Stensrud, Mats J; Neugebauer, Romain; Li, Ling-Jun; Hivert, Marie-France; Oken, Emily; Young, Jessica G

Am J Epidemiol. 2021 07 01;190(7):1414-1423.

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