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Should pregnant women with substance use disorders be managed differently?

Pregnant women with substance use disorders have multiple special needs, which might be best managed within a multiprofessional treatment setting involving medical, psychological and social care. Adequate treatment provision remains a challenge for healthcare professionals, who should undergo special training and education when working with this patient population. Careful assessment and screening is necessary to tailor interventions individually to the woman’s needs in order to achieve beneficial clinical outcomes for mothers and newborns, whereas the choice of treatment options highly depends on the type of substance of abuse and evidence-based treatment interventions available. Economic considerations have shown that early multiprofessional treatment might yield better clinical outcomes and save healthcare costs over the lifespan.

Authors: Metz, Verena V; Köchl, Birgit B; Fischer, Gabriele G

Neuropsychiatry. 2012 Jan 25;2(1):29-41. Epub 2014-07-15.

PubMed abstract

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