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Using drink size to talk about drinking during pregnancy: a randomized clinical trial of Early Start Plus

This clinical trial compared two brief alcohol use interventions in prenatal clinics: Early Start (ES), a substance-abuse screening and treatment program integrated with prenatal care focused on abstention (n=298), and Early Start Plus (ESP), adding a computerized drink-size assessment tool and intervention focused on drinking less (n=266). Controls were untreated alcohol users (n=344). Controls had higher adverse neonatal and maternal outcome rates. Findings favored ESP for preterm labor and ES for low birth weight. No differences between ES and ESP were statistically significant. ESP provides clinicians with an innovative assessment tool that creates open dialogue about drinking during pregnancy.

Authors: Armstrong MA; Kaskutas LA; Witbrodt J; Taillac CJ; Hung YY; Osejo VM; Escobar GJ

Soc Work Health Care. 2009 Jan;48(1):90-103.

PubMed abstract

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