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Vitamin D Status among Women of Different Asian Subgroups Initiating Osteoporosis Therapy

Among 1866 Asian women (901 Filipina women, 654 Chinese women, and 311 Japanese women) who had vitamin D assessment prior to initiation of osteoporosis therapy, Filipina women had a lower prevalence of vitamin D deficiency compared to Chinese women, despite higher body mass index. In multivariable analyses that adjusted for age, body mass index, and smoking status, the relative risk of low vitamin D was significantly higher for Chinese women (relative risk 1.4, 95% confidence interval 1.1-1.7) but not Japanese women (relative risk 1.2, 95% confidence interval 0.9-1.6). The 40% higher risk of low Vitamin D in Chinese compared to Filipina women emphasizes the importance of disaggregating Asian race when examining nutritional health attributes.

Authors: Ho, Samantha B;Li, Christina F;Chandra, Malini;Lo, Joan C

J Asian Health. 2023 Feb;3(1). Epub 2023-02-24.

PubMed abstract

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