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Eric Jorgenson, PhD


Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
2000 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 891-3473 (phone)
Kaiser Permanente Researcher Profiles

Eric Jorgenson, PhD, is a research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research. His primary research interest focuses on the genetics of common, complex diseases and their treatment.  He is currently the principal investigator of an NIH-funded study to examine the genetic factors underlying alcohol consumption and misuse in the Research Program on Genes, Environment, and Health (RPGEH) cohort.

Current Position(s):

  • Research Scientist II, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California

    Primary Research Interests:

    • Genetic Epidemiology
    • Pharmacogenomics
    • Genetic factors influencing alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
    • Genetics of vision disorders
    • Genetic and environmental influences on racial/ethnic variation in disease risk and treatment outcomes
    • Genetic determinants of cancer risk, progression, and treatment response
    • Genetics of hernia susceptibility

    Related Website(s):

    Antidepressant Use and the Risk of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

    ​The goal of this project is to address the following research question: Does the use of antidepressant treatment, specifically, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), reduce the risk of primary open angle glaucoma?

    Investigator: Jorgenson, Eric
    Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

    Genetic Etiology of Abdominal Hernia Susceptibility

    ​The objective of this project is to investigate the genetic mechanisms that drive the development of abdominal hernias. This study has three major aims: 1) to investigate the shared and individual genetic risks of different types of abdominal hernia, 2) to examine the genetic risk factors underlying recurrence of hernias in individual patients, and 3) to investigate the genetic pathways and biological mechanisms through which abdominal hernia risk loci act.

    Investigator: Jorgenson, Eric
    Funder: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

    Predictive Modeling of the Risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration

    The focus of this project is to examine the role of known genetic risk factors for age-related macular degeneration in African American subjects through whole-genome-sequencing of samples from the Research Program on Genes, Environment and Health collection.
    Investigator: Jorgenson, Eric
    Funder: Genentech, Inc.

    The Role of Refractive Error in the Etiology of Glaucoma

    The specific aims of this study are to: 1) Determine whether refractive error predicts the development of glaucoma due to direct effects or shared etiology, or both, by conducting a series of genetic analyses of the two conditions; and 2) Determine the contribution of refractive error (myopia) and relevant biological pathways in the development of glaucomatous neurodegeneration.
    Investigator: Jorgenson, Eric
    Funder: National Eye Institute

    PGRN Administration Coordination Hub

    This is the Administrative Coordination Hub for the Pharmacogenomics Research Network (PGRN). The main areas of responsibility include meetings support, communications and coordination of nascent network collaborations.
    Investigator: Jorgenson, Eric

    Role of ABCG2 in the Disposition and Anti-Hyperuricemic Effects of Allopurinol

    The goal of this project is to investigate the role of ABCG2 in the disposition and anti-hyperuricemic effects of allopurinol.
    Investigator: Choquet, Helene; Jorgenson, Eric
    Funder: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
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    Gene expression imputation identifies candidate genes and susceptibility loci associated with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

    Author(s): Ioannidis, Nilah M NM; Wang, Wei W; Furlotte, Nicholas A NA; Hinds, David A DA; ; Bustamante, Carlos D CD; Jorgenson, Eric E; Asgari, Maryam M MM; Whittemore, Alice S AS

    Nature communications. 2018 Oct 15;9(1):4264. Epub 2018-10-15.

    PubMed abstract

    Genetic variation in the SIM1 locus is associated with erectile dysfunction

    Author(s): Jorgenson E; Yin J; Shan J; Hoffmann TJ; Thai KK; Van Den Eeden SK; et al.

    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2018 Oct 23;115(43):11018-11023. Epub 2018-10-08.

    PubMed abstract

    Characterization of Statin Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Dose-Response Using Electronic Health Records in a Large Population-Based Cohort

    Author(s): Oni-Orisan A; Hoffmann TJ; Ranatunga D; Medina MW; Jorgenson E; Schaefer C; Krauss RM; Iribarren C; Risch N

    Circ Genom Precis Med. 2018 Sep;11(9):e002043.

    PubMed abstract

    A Large Multi-ethnic Genome-Wide Association Study of Adult Body Mass Index Identifies Novel Loci

    Author(s): Hoffmann TJ; Choquet H; Yin J; Banda Y; Kvale MN; Glymour M; Schaefer C; Risch N; Jorgenson E

    Genetics. 2018 Aug 14.

    PubMed abstract

    A multiethnic genome-wide association study of primary open-angle glaucoma identifies novel risk loci

    Author(s): Choquet H; Thai KK; Hoffmann TJ; Yin J; Schaefer C; Risch N; Jorgenson E; et al.

    Nat Commun. 2018 Jun 11;9(1):2278. Epub 2018-06-11.

    PubMed abstract

    Genetic variants in the HLA class II region associated with risk of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

    Author(s): Wang W; Ollila HM; Whittemore AS; Demehri S; Ioannidis NM; Jorgenson E; Mignot E; Asgari MM

    Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2018 May 12.

    PubMed abstract

    Weighted Multi-marker Genetic Risk Scores for Incident Coronary Heart Disease among Individuals of African, Latino and East-Asian Ancestry

    Author(s): Iribarren C; Lu M; Jorgenson E; Martínez M; Lluis-Ganella C; Subirana I; Salas E; Elosua R

    Sci Rep. 2018 May 01;8(1):6853. Epub 2018-05-01.

    PubMed abstract

    Common mitochondrial haplogroups and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma risk

    Author(s): Jorgenson E; Choquet H; Yin J; Asgari M

    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2018 Apr 25.

    PubMed abstract

    Eleven loci with new reproducible genetic associations with allergic disease risk

    Author(s): Ferreira MA; Lu Y; 23andMe Research Team; collaborators of the SHARE study; Jorgenson E; Paternoster L; et al.

    J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018 Apr 18.

    PubMed abstract

    A large electronic-health-record-based genome-wide study of serum lipids

    Author(s): Hoffmann TJ; Theusch E; Haldar T; Ranatunga DK; Jorgenson E; Medina MW; Kvale MN; Kwok PY; Schaefer C; Krauss RM; Iribarren C; Risch N

    Nat Genet. 2018 Mar;50(3):401-413. Epub 2018-03-05.

    PubMed abstract

    The relationship between non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and age-related macular degeneration

    Author(s): Modjtahedi BS; Fong DS; Jorgenson E; Van Den Eeden SK; Quinn V; Slezak JS

    Am J Ophthalmol. 2018 Jan 19.

    PubMed abstract

    A functional splicing variant associated with decreased asthma risk abolishes the ability of gasdermin B (GSMDB) to induce epithelial cell pyroptosis

    Author(s): Panganiban RA; Iribarren C; Jorgenson E; Lu Q; et al

    J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018 Jan 09.

    PubMed abstract

    Canadian genome-wide association study and meta-analysis confirm HLA as a risk factor for peanut allergy independent of asthma

    Author(s): Asai Y; Jorgensen E; Daley D; et al

    J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018 Jan 08.

    PubMed abstract

    A large multi-ethnic genome-wide association study identifies novel genetic loci for intraocular pressure

    Author(s): Choquet H; Thai KK; Yin J; Hoffmann TJ; Kvale MN; Banda Y; Schaefer C; Risch N; Nair KS; Melles R; Jorgenson E

    Nat Commun. 2017 Dec 13;8(1):2108. Epub 2017-12-13.

    PubMed abstract

    Shared genetic origin of asthma, hay fever and eczema elucidates allergic disease biology

    Author(s): Ferreira MA; Vonk JM; Baurecht H; Marenholz I; Tian C; Hoffman JD; Helmer Q; Tillander A; Ullemar V; van Dongen J; Lu Y; Rüschendorf F; Esparza-Gordillo J; Medway CW; Mountjoy E; Burrows K; Hummel O; Grosche S; Brumpton BM; Witte JS; Hottenga JJ; Willemsen G; Zheng J; Rodríguez E; Hotze M; Franke A; Revez JA; Beesley J; Matheson MC; Dharmage SC; Bain LM; Fritsche LG; Gabrielsen ME; Balliu B; 23andMe Research Team; AAGC collaborators; BIOS consortium; LifeLines Cohort Study; Nielsen JB; Zhou W; Hveem K; Langhammer A; Holmen OL; Løset M; Abecasis GR; Willer CJ; Arnold A; Homuth G; Schmidt CO; Thompson PJ; Martin NG; Duffy DL; Novak N; Schulz H; Karrasch S; Gieger C; Strauch K; Melles RB; Hinds DA; Hübner N; Weidinger S; Magnusson PKE; Jansen R; Jorgenson E; Lee YA; Boomsma DI; Almqvist C; Karlsson R; Koppelman GH; Paternoster L

    Nat Genet. 2017 Oct 30.

    PubMed abstract

    Susceptibility loci associated cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma invasiveness

    Author(s): Wang W; Jorgenson E; Whittemore AS; Asgari MM

    J Invest Dermatol. 2017 Oct 17.

    PubMed abstract

    Genome-wide association study and meta-analysis in multiple populations identifies new loci for peanut allergy and establishes c11orf30/EMSY as a genetic risk factor for food allergy

    Author(s): Asai Y; Eslami A; van Ginkel CD; Akhabir L; Wan M; Ellis G; Ben-Shoshan M; Martino D; Ferreira MA; Allen K; Mazer B; de Groot H; de Jong NW; Gerth van Wijk RN; Dubois AEJ; Chin R; Cheuk S; Hoffman J; Jorgensen E; Witte JS; Melles RB; Hong X; Wang X; Hui J; Musk AWB; Hunter M; James AL; Koppelman GH; Sandford AJ; Clarke AE; Daley D

    J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2017 Oct 10.

    PubMed abstract

    Genetic contributors to variation in alcohol consumption vary by race/ethnicity in a large multi-ethnic genome-wide association study

    Author(s): Jorgenson, E E; Thai, K K KK; Hoffmann, T J TJ; Sakoda, L C LC; Kvale, M N MN; Banda, Y Y; Schaefer, C C; Risch, N N; Mertens, J J; Weisner, C C; Choquet, H H

    Molecular psychiatry. 2017 Sep ;22(9):1359-1367. Epub 2017-05-09.

    PubMed abstract

    Prognostics factors and survival in acral lentiginous melanoma

    Author(s): Asgari MM; Shen L; Sokil MM; Yeh I; Jorgenson E

    Br J Dermatol. 2017 Apr 22.

    PubMed abstract

    Genome-wide association study of prostate-specific antigen levels identifies novel loci independent of prostate cancer.

    Author(s): Hoffmann TJ; Passarelli MN; Graff RE; Emami NC; Sakoda LC; Jorgenson E; Habel LA; Shan J; Ranatunga DK; Quesenberry CP; Chao CR; Ghai NR; Aaronson D; Presti J; Nordström T; Wang Z; Berndt SI; Chanock SJ; Mosley JD; Klein RJ; Middha M; Lilja H; |Melander O; Kvale MN; Kwok PY; Schaefer C; Risch N; Van Den Eeden SK; Witte JS;

    ​Nat Commun. 2017 Jan 31;8:14248. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14248.

    PubMed abstract

    A GWAS of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma-Letter

    Author(s): Whittemore AS; Wang W; Jorgenson E; Asgari MM

    Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2016 Nov;25(11):1534.

    PubMed abstract

    Clinical Utility of Multi-marker Genetic Risk Scores for Prediction of Incident Coronary Heart Disease; A Cohort Study among over 51 Thousand Individuals of European Ancestry

    Author(s): Iribarren C; Lu M; Jorgenson E; Martinez M; Lluis-Ganella C; Subirana I; Salas E; Elosua R

    Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2016 Oct 25.

    PubMed abstract

    The Association of Refractive Error with Glaucoma in a Multiethnic Population

    Author(s): Shen L; Melles RB; Metlapally R; Barcellos L; Schaefer C; Risch N; Herrinton LJ; Wildsoet C; Jorgenson E

    Ophthalmology. 2015 Aug 7.

    PubMed abstract

    Identification of Susceptibility Loci for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Author(s): Asgari MM; Wang W; Ioannidis NM; Itnyre J; Hoffmann T; Jorgenson E; Whittemore AS

    J Invest Dermatol. 2016 Jan 29.

    PubMed abstract

    Common coding variants in the HLA-DQB1 region confer susceptibility to age-related macular degeneration

    Author(s): Jorgenson E; Melles RB; Hoffmann TJ; Jia X; Sakoda LC; Kvale MN; Banda Y; Schaefer C; Risch N; Shen L

    Eur J Hum Genet. 2016 Jan 6.

    PubMed abstract

    A genome-wide association study identifies four novel susceptibility loci underlying inguinal hernia

    Author(s): Jorgenson E; Makki N; Shen L; Chen DC; Tian C; Eckalbar WL; Hinds D; Ahituv N; Avins A

    Nat Commun. 2015;6:10130. Epub 2015-12-21.

    PubMed abstract

    Diabetes Pathology and Risk of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: Evaluating Causal Mechanisms by Using Genetic Information

    Author(s): Shen L; Walter S; Melles RB; Glymour MM; Jorgenson E

    Am J Epidemiol. 2015 Nov 25.

    PubMed abstract

    Genotyping Informatics and Quality Control for 100,000 Subjects in the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging (GERA) Cohort

    Author(s): Kvale MN; Hesselson S; Hoffmann TJ; Cao Y; Chan D; Connell S; Croen LA; Dispensa BP; Eshragh J; Finn A; Gollub J; Iribarren C; Jorgenson E; Kushi LH; Lao R; Lu Y; Ludwig D; Mathauda GK; McGuire WB; Mei G; Miles S; Mittman M; Patil M; Quesenberry CP Jr; Ranatunga D; Rowell S; Sadler M; Sakoda LC; Shapero M; Shen L; Shenoy T; Smethurst D; Somkin CP; Van Den Eeden SK; Walter L; Wan E; Webster T; Whitmer RA; Wong S; Zau C; Zhan Y; Schaefer C; Kwok PY; Risch N;

    ​​Genetics. 2015 Aug;200(4):1051-60. doi: 10.1534/genetics.115.178905. Epub 2015 Jun 19.

    PubMed abstract

    Automated Assay of Telomere Length Measurement and Informatics for 100,000 Subjects in the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging (GERA) Cohort

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    PubMed abstract

    Characterizing Race/Ethnicity and Genetic Ancestry for 100,000 Subjects in the Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging (GERA) Cohort

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    PubMed abstract

    Differences in the Genetic Susceptibility to Age-Related Macular Degeneration Clinical Subtypes

    Author(s): Shen L; Hoffmann TJ; Melles RB; Sakoda LC; Kvale MN; Banda Y; Schaefer C; Risch N; Jorgenson E

    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2015 Jul;56(8):4290-9.

    PubMed abstract

    A large multi-ethnic genome-wide association study of prostate cancer identifies novel risk variants and substantial ethnic differences

    Author(s): Hoffmann TJ; Van Den Eeden SK; Sakoda LC; Jorgenson E; Habel LA; Graff RE; Passarelli MN; Cario CL; Emami NC; Chao CR; Ghai NR; Shan J; Ranatunga DK; Quesenberry CP; Aaronson D; Presti J; Zhaoming W; Berndt SI; Chanock SJ; McDonnell SK; French AJ; Schaid DJ; Thibodeau SN; Li Q; Freedman ML; Penney KL; Mucci LA; Haiman CA; Henderson BE; Seminara D; Kvale MN; Kwok PY; Schaefer C; Risch N; Witte JS

    Cancer Discov. 2015 Jun 1.

    PubMed abstract

    Genome-wide association study identifies ABCG2 (BCRP) as an allopurinol transporter and a determinant of drug response

    Author(s): Wen CC; Yee SW; Liang X; Hoffmann TJ; Kvale MN; Banda Y; Jorgenson E; Schaefer C; Risch N; Giacomini KM

    Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2015 May;97(5):518-25. Epub 2015-04-06.

    PubMed abstract

    Imputation of the Rare HOXB13 G84E Mutation and Cancer Risk in a Large Population-Based Cohort

    Author(s): Hoffmann TJ; Sakoda LC; Shen L; Jorgenson E; Habel LA; Liu J; Kvale MN; Asgari MM; Banda Y; Corley D; Kushi LH; Quesenberry CP; Schaefer C; Van Den Eeden SK; Risch N; Witte JS

    PLoS Genet. 2015 Jan;11(1):e1004930. Epub 2015-01-28.

    PubMed abstract

    Association between alcohol and cardiovascular disease; Mendelian randomisation analysis based on individual participant data

    Author(s): Holmes MV; Dale CE; Zuccolo L; Silverwood RJ; Guo Y; Ye Z; Prieto-Merino D; Dehghan A; Trompet S; Wong A; Cavadino A; Drogan D; Padmanabhan S; Li S; Yesupriya A; Leusink M; Sundstrom J; Hubacek JA; Pikhart H; Swerdlow DI; Panayiotou AG; Borinskaya SA; Finan C; Shah S; Kuchenbaecker KB; Shah T; Engmann J; Folkersen L; Eriksson P; Ricceri F; Melander O; Sacerdote C; Gamble DM; Rayaprolu S; Ross OA; McLachlan S; Vikhireva O; Sluijs I; Scott RA; Adamkova V; Flicker L; Bockxmeer FM; Power C; Marques-Vidal P; Meade T; Marmot MG; Ferro JM; Paulos-Pinheiro S; Humphries SE; Talmud PJ; Mateo Leach I; Verweij N; Linneberg A; Skaaby T; Doevendans PA; Cramer MJ; van der Harst P; Klungel OH; Dowling NF; Dominiczak AF; Kumari M; Nicolaides AN; Weikert C; Boeing H; Ebrahim S; Gaunt TR; Price JF; Lannfelt L; Peasey A; Kubinova R; Pajak A; Malyutina S; Voevoda MI; Tamosiunas A; Maitland-van der Zee AH; Norman PE; Hankey GJ; Bergmann MM; Hofman A; Franco OH; Cooper J; Palmen J; Spiering W; de Jong PA; Kuh D; Hardy R; Uitterlinden AG; Ikram MA; Ford I; Hyppönen E; Almeida OP; Wareham NJ; Khaw KT; Hamsten A; Husemoen LL; Tjønneland A; Tolstrup JS; Rimm E; Beulens JW; Verschuren WM; Onland-Moret NC; Hofker MH; Wannamethee SG; Whincup PH; Morris R; Vicente AM; Watkins H; Farrall M; Jukema JW; Meschia J; Cupples LA; Sharp SJ; Fornage M; Kooperberg C; LaCroix AZ; Dai JY; Lanktree MB; Siscovick DS; Jorgenson E; Spring B; Coresh J; Li YR; Buxbaum SG; Schreiner PJ; Ellison RC; Tsai MY; Patel SR; Redline S; Johnson AD; Hoogeveen RC; Hakonarson H; Rotter JI; Boerwinkle E; de Bakker PI; Kivimaki M; Asselbergs FW; Sattar N; Lawlor DA; Whittaker J; Davey Smith G; Mukamal K; Psaty BM; Wilson JG; Lange LA; Hamidovic A; Hingorani AD; Nordestgaard BG; Bobak M; Leon DA; Langenberg C; Palmer TM; Reiner AP; Keating BJ; Dudbridge F; Casas JP; InterAct Consortium

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    PubMed abstract

    Examination of rare missense variants in the CHRNA5-A3-B4 gene cluster to level of response to alcohol in the San Diego Sibling Pair study

    Author(s): Choquet H; Joslyn G; Lee A; Kasberger J; Robertson M; Brush G; Schuckit MA; White R; Jorgenson E

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    PubMed abstract

    The impact of improved microarray coverage and larger sample sizes on future genome-wide association studies

    Author(s): Lindquist KJ; Jorgenson E; Hoffmann TJ; Witte JS

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    PubMed abstract

    ALDH1A3 loss of function causes bilateral anophthalmia/microphthalmia and hypoplasia of the optic nerve and optic chiasm

    Author(s): Yahyavi M; Abouzeid H; Gawdat G; de Preux AS; Xiao T; Bardakjian T; Schneider A; Choi A; Jorgenson E; Baier H; El Sada M; Schorderet DF; Slavotinek AM

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    PubMed abstract

    Turning of COGS moves forward findings for hormonally mediated cancers

    Author(s): Sakoda LC; Jorgenson E; Witte JS

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    PubMed abstract

    ​Genetic analysis of a population heavy drinking phenotype identifies risk variants in whites

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    PubMed abstract

    Contribution of common PCSK1 genetic variants to obesity in 8,359 subjects from multi-ethnic American population

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    PubMed abstract

    Gene-centric analysis of serum cotinine levels in African and European American populations

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    PubMed abstract

    Human genetic variation recognizes functional elements in noncoding sequence

    Author(s): Lomelin D; Jorgenson E; Risch N

    Genome Res. 2010 Mar;20(3):311-9. Epub 2009 Dec 23.

    PubMed abstract