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Ragavan, Meera V.

Research interests around access barriers to high-quality cancer care.

Jacobson, Karen B.

Research interests include mitigating sequelae of infectious diseases, particularly SARS-CoV-2.

Rabbani, Juleon

Expertise in group (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation) differences and disparities in health risk factors, and biostatistics

Wong, Melisa

Research interests focus on improving the care of older adults with cancer.

Marafino, Ben J.

Research interests include machine learning and quasi-experimental methods.

Nugent, Joshua R.

Research interests include causal inference methods, with a focus on clustered data and machine learning.

Bhatt, Ankeet

Dr. Bhatt’s research focuses on clinical trials and implementation science for patients with cardiometabolic disease.
Susanna Mitro, PhD

Mitro, Susanna

Research interests include women’s cardiometabolic health and environmental chemical exposures.

Arasu, Vignesh

Research interests include breast cancer, risk-based screening, and artificial intelligence and computer vision deep learning.

Skarbinski, Jacek

Research interests include infectious diseases epidemiology, clinical trials.

Badon, Sylvia

Research interests include perinatal epidemiology, specializing in maternal lifestyle during pregnancy.

Lam, Jennifer

Research interests include HIV and aging, and infectious disease epidemiology.

Ambrosy, Andrew

Research interests include ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure.

Myers, Laura

Dr. Myers’ research focuses on care delivery and policy for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Rodriguez, Luis

Research interests include type 2 diabetes and cardiometabolic disease prevention, and reducing health disparities

Lee, Catherine

Research interests include time-to-event outcomes, analysis of semi-competing risks data, and risk prediction.

Sterling, Stacy

Research interests include addiction treatment and mental health services, adolescent behavioral health, and implementation science.

Lee, Jeffrey K.

Research interests include colorectal and gastrointenstinal cancer prevention, and improving the quality and safety of endoscopy and colonoscopy.

Choquet, Hélène

Research interests include human genetics, with a focus on identifying genetic factors which influence complex diseases and their treatments.

Gilsanz, Paola

Research interests include cardiovascular and psychosocial risk factors for dementia.

Zhu, Yeyi

Interests include developmental origins of childhood obesity and fetal growth

Iturralde, Esti

Research interests include behavioral factors and interventions related to chronic illness.

Young-Wolff, Kelly

Research interests include behavioral interventions for complex patients with multiple psychiatric and addictive disorders.

Sidney, Stephen

Research interests include cardiovascular disease, physical activity and fitness.

Schaefer, Catherine

Research interests include the epidemiology of psychiatric and neurologic disorders.

Sakoda, Lori C

Research interests include cancer epidemiology and prevention
Mary Reed, DrPH, in a blue v-neck shirt and a gold necklace.

Reed, Mary E.

Research interests include health information technology.

Kroenke, Candyce H

Research interests include social, psychological, and lifestyle factors and breast cancer.
Head shot of Ai Kubo in aqua green shirt.

Kubo, Ai

Research interests focus on lifestyle factors and risks of chronic diseases.

Kuzniewicz, Michael W

Research interests include perinatal health services research and perinatal clinical epidemiology

Kwan, Marilyn L.

Research interests include epidemiology of breast cancer prognosis.

Li, De-Kun

Research interests include pregnancy outcomes and sudden infant death syndrome.

Lieu, Tracy A.

Research interest include child health services research; effectiveness and delivery of primary care; and decision sciences, including decision analysis

Liu, Vincent

Research interests include health services research and health information technology

Lo, Joan C.

Research interests center on endocrinologic conditions related to women’s health.

Neugebauer, Romain S.

Research focuses on the development, application, and dissemination of statistical methodologies.

Fireman, Bruce H.

Research interests include assessment of the effectiveness and safety of vaccines and drugs.

Go, Alan S.

Alan S. Go, MD, Regional Medical Director of Kaiser Permanente Northern California Clinical Trials Program; Associate Director, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Conditions Research at Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research

Gopalan, Anjali

Research interests include patient-provider communication and behavioral economics

Gordon, Nancy P.

Research interests include health and eHealth disparities, social determinants of health, and surveys.

Gunderson, Erica P.

Research interests include the influence of pregnancy and lactation on the origins of obesity and chronic diseases in women.

Habel, Laurel A.

Research interests include the etiology and progression of cancer.

Iribarren, Carlos

Research interests include the genetic determinants of coronary disease.
Andrew Karter wearing a black sweater over a blue and white striped button down shirt.

Karter, Andrew J.

Research interests include epidemiology and health services research in diabetes.

Alexeeff, Stacey

Research interests include risk factors for disease and prediction modeling

Ferrara, Assiamira

Research interests include the epidemiology of diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Croen, Lisa A.

Research interests include the epidemiology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.
Douglas Corley

Corley, Douglas A.

Research interests include outcomes and epidemiologic research in gastroenterology.

Caan, Bette J.

Research interests include dietary and anthropometric risk factors for cancer and cancer survival.

Avins, Andrew L.

Research interests include musculoskeletal and cardiovascular diseases.

Avalos, Lyndsay

Interests include reproductive and perinatal epidemiology and perinatal depression.
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