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Association of Galectin-3 and High Sensitive Troponin-I level and Change with Calcified Coronary Plaque: A CARDIA Ancillary Study

This is a cohort study with observations at two points in time: Year 20 exam in 2005-06 (age range 38-50) and Year 25 in 2010-11 (age range 43-55), and 5-year change. The research questions are: 1) Are hs-troponin and galectin-3 measured in stored specimens from Years 20 and 25 independently associated with presence and gradation of coronary artery calcification (CAC) at Years 20 and 25, respectively; and 2) Are changes in hs-troponin and galectin-3 between Years 20 and 25 independently associated with CAC progression between Years 20 and 25.

Investigator: Iribarren, Carlos

Funder: Abbott Laboratories

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