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Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with Asymptomatic, Moderate Severity Aortic Stenosis (ASSESS-AS)

The prevalence of aortic stenosis (AS), currently estimated to be 4% among adults 70 years of age and over is projected to double by 2040 and triple by 2060. However, the prevalence, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of the condition have not been well-characterized in a contemporary, demographically diverse cohort with asymptomatic moderate AS. We are leveraging a natural language processing (NLP)-based approach applied to state-of-the-art electronic health record semi-structured data to describe (1) the prevalence and clinical characteristics, (2) all-cause and cause-specific healthcare utilization and all-cause death, and (3) independent clinical predictors of all-cause and cause-specific morbidity and mortality among a diverse real-world cohort of asymptomatic adults with moderate AS.

Investigator: Ambrosy, Andrew

Funder: Edwards Lifesciences LLC

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