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Early Life Determinants of Accelerated Pubertal Development in Adolescent Girls

The goal of this research is to identify early life factors which influence the timing of pubertal development among adolescent girls. The first study utilizes data from the Cohort Study of Young Girls Nutrition, Environment and Transitions (CYGNET), which has been collecting detailed data on pubertal development, behavioral, environmental, and anthropometric information among 444 adolescent girls since 2005. The second study is a prospective cohort study of approximately 10,000 adolescent girls (age 8-9) within the Kaiser Permanente Northern California population. We will use Tanner stage information that has been entered into HealthConnect to identify early life risk factors of early pubertal development as well as racial/ethnic differences in the timing of pubertal development.

Investigator: Kubo, Ai

Funder: National Cancer Institute

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