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Early Vascular Contributions to Dementia Risk in African-Americans – DUPLICATED DO NOT ACTIVATE

This is a life-course study of vascular risk and brain aging in a well-characterized population of 1,200 elderly African-Americans that will close the gap in knowledge regarding midlife risk and protective factors for cognitive decline. We will conduct cognitive testing at two time points, which will also include a brain MRI for 300 participants. The data collected, in conjunction with extensive electronic medical records spanning decades, allows for a cost-effective efficient approach for an observational study of cumulative vascular risk and brain aging. Our overall objective is to understand the magnitude of cognitive decline and long-term contributions of vascular disease on cognitive impairment and brain injury in African-Americans, an understudied and rapidly expanding segment of the elderly population.

Investigator: Whitmer, Rachel

Funder: National Institute on Aging

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