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Elucidating the High and Heterogenous Risk of Gestational Diabetes among Asian Americans: An Integrative Approach of Metabolomics, Lifestyles and Social Determinants

This study will leverage the California Alpha-fetoprotein Screening Program (CA-AFSP) and the Pregnancy Environment and Lifestyle Study (PETALS) to identify metabolites and pathways among Asian American racial/ethnic subpopulations with gestational diabetes in the CA-AFSP discovery set; validate the shared and unique metabolites and pathways for gestational diabetes among all and each racial and ethnic subpopulation in PETALS; and examine the role of lifestyle factors and social determinants of health in the racial and ethnic specific GDM-related metabolites and pathways.

Investigator: Zhu, Yeyi

Funder: National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

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