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Evaluating delivery of a centralized LINKAGE telehealth modality to engage Addiction Medicine and Recovery Services patients across Northern California with their medical providers

This electronic-health records (EHR)-based data-only study will investigate whether virtual LINKAGE program implementation is feasible and effective at KPNC, and whether virtual LINKAGE can contribute to reducing disparities and stigma in healthcare for patients with substance use disorders (SUDs). The virtual version of the LINKAGE program is currently being implemented at Addiction Medicine and Recovery Services (AMRS) clinics across KPNC to engage patients with SUDs in their own health care. We will examine virtual LINKAGE implementation outcomes as well as compare health care engagement, health care utilization, and patient reported outcomes of current virtual LINKAGE participants to a 1:3 matched sample of eligible current non-LINKAGE participants, with the goal of determining the feasibility and effectiveness of the virtual LINKAGE program, its subjective effects on patients, and whether it has the potential to reduce disparities in health care in AMRS patients across communities in the region.

Investigator: Metz, Verena

Funder: Northern California Community Benefit Programs

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