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Examination of New Treatment Endpoints Based on World Health Organization Consumption Levels

Five risk categories have been determined based on WHO criteria for risk of consumption on a single drinking day in relation to acute problems (very high risk: 4.4+ drinkers per drinking day in the prior month; high risk: 2.9-4.3 drinks per drinking day; medium risk: 1.4-2.9 drinks per drinking day; low risk: 1.4 drinks per drinking day; abstinent: 0 drinks per drinking day). With NIAAA, we plan to validate this potential new dichotomous endpoint — a decrease in one or more of the WHO alcohol consumption levels between two time points. We will use data from AVS which has been implemented throughout KPNC. We will use KPNC’s EHR to examine differences in medical outcomes (e.g., blood pressure, BMI, etc.), and cost and utilization between two time-points within 6 months to 2 years among patients who decrease in one or more of the WHO categories compared with patients who do not.

Investigator: Sterling, Stacy

Funder: National Institute on Drug Abuse

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