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Fetal Priming for Later-Life Disparities in Allostatic Load and Heart Disease: A Data Acquisition Feasibility Pilot

Early life events, like low birth weight or prematurity, are hypothesized to influence health and disease in later life. However, the extent to which these early life adversities help explain racial disparities in chronic disease morbidity and mortality has not been fully explored. Also unknown is the degree to which allostatic load represents a mechanism linking birth experiences to health outcomes in later life. In response to these hypothesized, but untested, relationships, this pilot project will demonstrate the feasibility of: 1) obtaining consent to obtain historic birth records of CARDIA study participants; and 2) obtaining these records from their respective state of birth. If we can demonstrate the feasibility of obtaining consent and birth record data through this pilot study, we plan to submit an R21 application to test the substantive relationships described above.

Investigator: Sidney, Stephen

Funder: Portland State University

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