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Genetics at an Extreme: An Efficient Genomic Study of Individuals with Clinically Severe Major Depression Receiving ECT

study brings together investigators from around the world to carry out a
genetics study of severe major depressive disorder (MDD) treated with
electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The National Network of Depression Centers
and allied centers in the U.S. will carry out a genetics study that will
enroll 25,000 patients receiving ECT for severe MDD. The centers will also
carry out a genome-wide association study comparing these 25,000 cases with
50,000 non-depressed and tightly matched previously collected controls. They
will also carry out a genome-wide association study of response to ECT in the
10,000 patients with prospective follow-up data.  Analysis will consider changes in measures
of depression and cognitive function, test for genetic variances associated
with these responses, and examine prediction models.

Investigator: Schaefer, Catherine

Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

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