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Influence of Comorbidities and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Treatment Response, and Survival

This project examines racial and ethnic disparities in ovarian cancer patients diagnosed and treated in KPNC from 2000 to 2023. It is an ancillary study to an NCI-funded research project (R01 CA243188) led by MPIs Kushi, Doherty (University of Utah), Bandera (Rutgers University), and Gomez (UCSF). This is the largest multiethnic cohort of ovarian cancer survival to date to examine clinical and medical care; neighborhood and geospatial factors; reclassification of subtypes with updated information; and, in a subset of cases, tumor characteristics. This ancillary study extends this project with collection of pre-diagnostic information to explore the role of comorbid conditions. It also supports additional tumor assays examining inflammation markers in contributing to disparities in ovarian cancer outcomes.

Investigator: Kushi, Lawrence

Funder: The V Foundation for Cancer Research

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