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Interactions of Environmental Chemical Mixtures, Genetics, and Immune Pathways in Autism Spectrum Disorder

The goal of this K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award is to receive mentored training in polygenic GWAS tools and complex mixtures modeling to position my career toward understanding the roles of GxE interactions and immune disruption in the etiology of autism spectrum disorder(ASD). This research will examine the interplay of cumulative exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), immune markers (cytokines/chemokines), and ASD; examine genetic (maternal and fetal) influences on mid-pregnancy circulating levels of EDCs; and combine K99 methodologic training in polygenic and complex mixtures tools to a study of GxE interactions in ASD. The K99 research will use data from the Early Markers for Autism study (EMA) with possible extension to the NIH ECHO or KPRB Birth Cohort studies during the R00 phase.

Investigator: Ames, Jennifer

Funder: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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