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Long-term Outcomes Associated with Extended-Interval Dosing of the 9vHPV Vaccine: a Prospective, Observational Cohort Study Supplementary to V503-069 Clinical Trial

This prospective, observational cohort study, an extension of clinical trial V503-069, will enroll and administer a second dose of 9vHPV to approximately 200 children/teens ages 10 to 15 who received their first 9vHPV vaccine at least 1 year prior. These children/teens will be followed for 6 years via electronic medical record and e-survey to assess long-term outcomes associated with extended-interval dosing schedules on the incidence and prevalence of genital warts; assess reasons of non-compliance to the 9vHPV vaccine schedule; and assess the association between sexual behavior and genital warts.

Investigator: Klein, Nicola

Funder: Merck & Company, Inc.

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