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Long-term Trends in Breast Cancer DNA Copy Number Alterations and Disparities

This R03 study will add new assays for DNA copy number alteration, building on our R21, which has obtained tumor specimens on breast cancer patients from KPNC. Our aim has two parts: 1) Extract DNA from the 30 tumor blocks obtained for our R21 (5 specimens per decade, from 1947-1959 to 2000-2009, randomly selected from invasive cases of breast cancer diagnosed among women age 50-64); and 2) Determine whether current assays for DNA copy number alteration can validly be employed with the study specimens. Results will inform the feasibility of developing an R01 to study long-term trends in prevalence of and racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in breast cancer tumor profiles (using the KPNC & New Zealand data).

Investigator: Habel, Laurel

Funder: National Cancer Institute

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