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Longitudinal Assessment of Disease Progression and Cognitive Status in Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Web-Based Approach for Clinical Research

Large, clinically well-characterized, longitudinally followed and population-representative patient cohorts are needed to advance the understanding of MS disease progression/disability and cognitive decline, and to translate findings to clinical care. The overall goal of this study is to develop a web-based interface for longitudinal data collection of validated measures of disease progression/disability and cognitive status from newly diagnosed MS patients, to combine with MRI measures and other electronic medical record (EMR) data and DMT use, and to identify clinical, genetic and environmental predictors of these important clinical outcomes in MS using causal inference modeling, in order to help (a): understand the underlying causal biologic mechanisms involved, (b): identify patients who would most benefit from treatment and early intervention for disease progression or cognitive decline, and (c): design new treatments or prevention strategies in a healthcare setting.

Investigator: Schaefer, Catherine

Funder: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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