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Motivational Determinants of Postpartum Lifestyle Behaviors, Weight Retention, and Metabolic Syndrome – DUPLICATED DO NOT ACTIVATE

The Pregnancy Environment and Lifestyle Study-2 (PETALS-2) aims to identify psychosocial influences on healthy lifestyle behaviors — such as healthy eating, self-weighing, and physical activity — and examine their relation to weight retention and cardiometabolic profile in the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. This longitudinal study leverages the original PETALS cohort of diverse pregnant women within a large health-care delivery system. The ultimate objectives of this research are to identify modifiable psychosocial factors that could be intervened upon to improve postpartum weight management and cardiometabolic outcomes during an important phase in the lifespan.

Investigator: Brown, Susan

Funder: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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