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Optimizing Colorectal Cancer Screening PREcision and Outcomes in CommunIty-baSEd Populations (PRECISE)

This study is part of the Population-Based Research Optimizing Screening through Personalized Regimens (PROSPR) program, which aims to enhance understanding of the implementation and effects of screening as practiced in multiple, heterogeneous health care environments in the United States. Within this program, proposed research projects must cover long-term observations of diverse cohorts of patients who are eligible for screening. In addition to observational research to evaluate factors that affect the quality of the screening process, projects must also develop and pilot-test interventions aimed at improving the screening process. This study of colorectal cancer screening precision and outcomes will build upon work completed and in progress from the first five years of PROSPR.

Investigator: Corley, Douglas

Funder: National Cancer Institute

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