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Shingrix Lead Site Evaluating the Effectiveness of Recombinant Zoster Vaccine

The purpose of this project is, first, to estimate the proportion of the population under study receiving one and two doses of recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV). Second, among live zoster vaccine (ZVL)-naive persons, this study aims to: 1) estimate the vaccine effectiveness of one dose of RZV, 2) estimate the vaccine effectiveness of two doses of RZV in 50- to 64-year-olds and those aged 65 and above, and 3) calculate the incremental vaccine effectiveness of a complete series (two-dose vaccine effectiveness versus one-dose vaccine effectiveness). Lastly, this study aims to estimate the vaccine effectiveness of one-dose RZV and of two-dose RZV among persons who previously received ZVL, as well as among immunocompromised persons.

Investigator: Klein, Nicola

Funder: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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